Design and Implementation of IoT System for Environmental Parameters Monitoring

Le Thanh Viet, Vu Quynh Nga, To Thi Thao, Vu Van Yem


Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing trend of the world in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The research and application of IoT in the other fields are being paid attention and promoted by the government. In this paper, we investigate the design and implementation of an IoT system for environment parameters monitoring. The system is consists of IoT node based on wireless sensor and gateway center with servers and software applications via the internet. The system 5 terminal nodes and gateway center is deployed at Ngoc Linh ginseng conservation center, Quang Nam province, Vietnam in order to verify the performance of the proposed system. The measurement results show that the system performs the correct function and produces high accuracy with an average tolerance of 5%. The stable operating distance between two IoT nodes is at least 250m and with the proposed mechanism manage energy savings at each network node, the operating cycle of sensor node is 50 days with one time battery replacement. In addition, in this system, the accelerator pump is controlled on by the monitoring software at the gateway when an IoT sensor node transmits a warning signal to the gateway that the soil moisture is under the threshold.


Internet of Things, IoT system, Wireless Sensor Network, Environmental parameter monitoring, ZigBee, Low-Power.


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