A survey on Selfishness and Countermeasure in MANET

Purushottam Patel, Rupali Soni


— Routing is a easiest way to launch a attack in MANET due to highly dynamic topology which makes routing procedure more complicated and insecure and therefore nodes are more susceptible to compromise and are particularly vulnerable to denial of service attack (DoS) attacks launched by malicious nodes or intruders .Another challenging issue is selfishness of a node which dramatically decreases the performance. On demand routing such as AODV is more popular then proactive routing use flooding to discover route. Attackers used this concept to launch DoS attack like flooding; black hole and gray hole are the known attack in MANET. In this article we have presented a descriptive surveyed on the MANET attacks specially attacks blows on route discovery phase. Finally this paper presents a proposed methodology to detect and restrict the selfishness using the support vector machine with threshold mechanism. The behavior is the key point to classify the characteristics of a node.  Our proposed scheme will be implemented on NS-3 test bed.


AODV ,Black hole, Gray hole, Flooding, MANET, NS-3, , Selfish Node, SVM.


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