A Compression Algorithm for Optimization of Storage Consumption of Non Oracle Database

Abha Tamrakar, Vinti Nanda


Relational database are very important in satisfying today’s information needs. This paper aims at optimization of storage consumption of non oracle database with the table compression algorithm of oracle 11g. Many concepts have been developed for compressing of relational database. But no concepts ever talked about the technique of compression of non oracle database with in the oracle environment. This paper discusses the use of OLTP Table compression algorithm given by ORACLE 11g which optimizes the storage consumption. But the challenges are faced by organizations when running several different databases and utilizing the heterogeneous services of the same. Data that are stored in non oracle system cannot be compressed by OLTP table compression algorithm given by Oracle 11g which reduces its size approximately about 70% ,so instead of migrating database system and  loading the content of non oracle database system like SQL SERVER in ORACLE DATABASE  format  which is totally a wastage of time one can use  oracle  transparent  gateway which is based on heterogeneous  services  technology. Oracle Transparent Gateways provides the ability to transparently access data residing in a non-oracle system from an oracle environment. After configuring the non oracle database in oracle environment and the relational database can be compressed by the table compression algorithm of oracle 11g.


Oltp Table Compression Algorithm, Oracle 11g, Oracle Transparent Gateway, Sql Server.



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