Gleaming the Cloud in the Virtualization layer

Janani. V.D, Hari Baabu. V, Sajeev ram. A


Cloud Computing is a powerful and flexible software environment, which delegates the material’s management and in which users pay as they go. Rather than operating their own data centers, today cloud users run their applications on the remote cloud infrastructures that are owned and managed by cloud providers. Cloud users  create   virtual  machine  instances to run their specific application logic   without  knowing the  underlying physical infrastructure. On the  other   side, cloud provider manage and operate their  cloud  infrastructures without  knowing  their  customers’  applications. Due to the disjoint ownership of applications and  infrastructures, if a problem  occurs,  there  is no  visibility  for  either  cloud  users  or  providers to  understand the  whole  context   of  the  incident   and  solve  it  quickly.   To this   end,   we  propose software solution Cloud Vision,  to provide some visibility through the middle virtualization layer for both  cloud  users  and  providers to address  their  problems quickly. Cloud Vision automatically tracks each VM instance’s  configuration status  and maintains their  life-cycle configuration record in configuration  management  database(CMDB). When the user  reports a problem, our  algorithm automatically analyze  CMDB  to    probabilistic determine the  root cause and  invoke  a   recovery process  by  interacting with  the  cloud user


Cloud Vision; Configuration management; Virtualization layer; VM; Troubleshooting;


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