A comparative study of the various cloud service providers along with the focus on various techniques for optimal service selection

Lipika Bose


In today’s world, Cloud Computing has generated a lot of interest and competition in the industry. With the emergence of new Cloud Providers, identifying one that best suits the business needs of an enterprise is a challenging and difficult task. For to a novice or user with little knowledge about cloud computing, it is still very hard to make a reasonable choice. What differences are there for different cloud providers and what characteristics and advantages each has? To answer these problems, the characteristics, services and applications of several popular cloud computing providers are analyzed and tabulated. From the comparison of these providers, users can better understand and more reasonably choose what they want. The main aim of this paper is to focus on the various techniques for decision making process of optimal service selection and to provide a brief comparative analysis of various cloud services. The paper begins with a glimpse of cloud computing. The next section focuses on the various techniques for optimal service selection. The third section presents a table of comparison of some renowned cloud service providers. The last section finally summarizes the whole paper.


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