Embedded Web Server for Monitoring and Controlling of system Using ARM Processor



An embedded web server, in general, controls the use of system resources by running the web server within tightly controlled limits, so that bugs will not compromise the system operations. Assigning multiple functionalities to a single button on an appliance help manufacturers economize user interfaces, but, this can easily create confusion for the users. Since the cost of web-based interfaces is considerably low, they can be used to provide the infrastructure for the design of simple and more user-friendly interfaces for household appliances. Embedded Web servers are widely used today for IP-based element management. This paper is focused on realization of TCP/IP suite and user development platform for this embedded web server. A key goal of the present paper is to provide an effective approach of access to traditional equipments that have no Internet interface and a reduction policy of TCP/IP protocol suite. By taking advantage of modern Web technologies, the proposed architecture provides a method to develop management applications efficiently and to manage network devices effectively. It presents and discusses architectural features, limitations, performance and trends.


ARM Processor, Embedded system, Ethernet Controller, TCP/IP protocol.


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