A Novel Approach for Light Trail Minimization Using Genetic Algorithm in Optical Networks

Soumya Paul, Inadyuti Dutt


Recently a new architecture called “light trail” has been proposed for carrying data traffic in optical networks and has emerged as a promising candidate for enabling IP over WDM networks. Optimizing the number of light trails that must be setup to service connection requests as they arrive, is an important light trail design problem. Most of the existing light-trail assignment algorithm,s adopt ILP (Integer Linear Programming) approach. Due to high time complexity such  algorithms are not scalable. In this paper, a heuristic approach with Connection Matrix (CM) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) is proposed for reducing the number of light trails for given a graph (network) and a number of connection requests, The proposed heuristic gives an optimal solution with reasonably lower complexity and reduces blocking probability.


Heuristic; Internet Protocol (IP); Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM); Lightpath; Light-trail; Integer Linear Programming (ILP); Genetic Algorithm (GA)

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