Digital Image Steganography: Substitution techniques

Asst. Prof. Arshi Riyaz, Asst. Prof. Jyoti Vyas


As the development of internet takes place, variety of digital data (text, video, images and audio) transmits to worldwide society. Problem may arise that the confidential data can be stolen or hacked in many ways. To protect the contents from interceptors' attention, the image hiding technology thus emerged. Steganography is the art and science of hiding information by embedding secret messages within other, seemingly harmless media. Steganography essentially does is exploit human perception, human senses are not trained to look for files that have information hidden inside of them, although there are programs available that can do what is called Steganolysis. In this paper we present spatial technique which is also known as Substitution method. In this method message bits are embedded into different bits of the pixel grey level values, resulting in increased robustness. The robustness would be increased against those attacks which try to reveal the hidden message and also some unintentional attacks like noise addition as well.


Cryptography, Watermarking, Substitution Technique.


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