PCA Based Palm-Print Recognition System Using DM3730

T. Nagarjuna Reddy, S. Karunakar Reddy


Palm-print technology is one of the biometric techniques used to identify an individual. Recognition of palm prints is based on the features like palm lines, texture, ridges etc. Several line and texture extraction techniques have already been proposed. This paper presented rapid and effective palm-print recognition based on DM3730 chip which is a Da Vinci™ digital media processor. Paper deployed USB camera as a palm-print images’ acquisition equipment, used the ARM + DSP multi-core DM3730 processor technology as palm-print image recognition processing, and sent the recognition results to the user interface ultimately. Linux Operating System run in the ARM side, DSP/BIOS Operating System service in the DSP side oppositely. This paper’s palm-print recognition algorithm based on wavelet reconstruction and local DCT and 2DPCA. Palmprint recognition by the nearest neighbour classifier at last.


DM3730, Palm-print Recognition, Wavelet Reconstruction, Local DCT, 2DPCA.


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