A comparative study on FPGA based FIR filter using broadcast structure and overlap save method

Sumit Kumar Maity, Madhusudan Maiti


Many computation-intensive iteration or recursive application commonly found in digital signal processing and image processing applications uses digital filter as basic components. In this paper we focus on designing digital filter which confine a signal into a prescribed frequency band. The work concentrates at first on the development of the low pass finite impulse response (FIR) digital filter using Mat-Lab FDA tool then we designed the different methodologies for the implementation for the of the FIR filter. We have designed the broad cast structure and the overlap save method. We have tested our algorithm using the Xilinx synthesis tool and then implemented on Spartan 3 family xcs40001-4fg900 FPGA device. The experimental results shows that overlap save structure can be operated in less frequency of 57.382 MHz in comparison to the 155.569 MHz operating frequency of the broadcast structure.




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