Circular Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna Works on Triple-Band

Hitendra Jadeja, Ila Parmar, Sarang Masani


This paper presents a compact triple band slotted patch antenna having a circular polarization by using coaxial feed line technique. This antenna covers ISM band. The present antenna is verified using Numerical Technique called Finite Element Method FEM. The conception of these patch antennas are realized by the software HFSS “Ansoft-High Frequency Structure Simulator”. By properly selecting shapes and dimensions of the embedded slots and changing the shape of the antenna, conductive material, the nature and the thickness of the substratum to have the triple-resonance situations at 2.4/5.1/5.7 GHz are obtained. The present antenna having patch that is square having dimensions 37.5mm × 37.5mm and coaxial feed is placed at diagonal. In addition, acceptable radiation characteristics are obtained over the operating bands. Different antenna parameters like return loss, gain along Θ, Ø directions, Cartesian plot, radiation pattern in 2-D and 3-D, E and H Field distributions are simulated using HFSS.


Antenna parameters, Circular polarization, FEM, Patch antenna, Triple-band


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