Review for Wireless Power Transmission using Microwave

Ms.Priyanka M. Shah, Ms.Ila D. Parmar, Ms.Heena R. Patel


The major issue in power system is the losses occurs during the transmission and distribution of electrical power.This problem can be solved by choose an alternative option for power transmission which could provide much higher efficiency, low transmission cost that is Wireless power transmission.The various technologies available for wireless transmission of electricity resonant coupling method ,inductive coupling  and by using microwave. In this framework, several design methodologies are being investigated for the synthesis of transmitting antenna arrays able to maximize the power beaming efficiency of WPT systems. To make the charging process even more user-friendly is to eliminate the physical cable connection between the charger and the mobile phone. To achieve a wireless charging of a mobile phone, a wireless power transfer system must be designed.The microwave signal is transmitted from the transmitter along with the message signal using special kind of antennas called slotted antenna at a frequency is 2.45 GHz.


BE(Beam Efficiency),Nikolas Tesla, Rectenna,WPT(Wireless power transmission)


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