Avalanche Monitoring & Early Alert System Using Wireless Sensor Network

Tejas Vaidya, Parag Swami, Sumit Rindhe, Shachi Kulkarni, Sunil Patil


Avalanche alert has always been a big challenge for geological experts. This is because unlike other natural calamities, and avalanche is more dependent on ground conditions than the environmental conditions. At present, any electronic system is not present for automatic monitoring for the avalanche prone areas. All the observation and calculations are done manually which is prone to errors because of human intervention at multiple stages This demands for an onsite monitoring system which was being done manually until now.  This paper provides a novel approach to Avalanche monitoring and an early alert system that can act as a predictive warning. The proposed system aims to achieve an automatic monitoring system that eliminated the need of traditional inefficient monitoring methods. This is achieved by using a network of sensors connected wirelessly to a base station called a Wireless Sensor Network. Such a system would greatly improve the avalanche forecasting scenario by achieving automation in the same


Avalanche, Wireless nodes, Wireless sensor network.


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