A Novel Approach to Analyze and Predict Aircrash in Aviation

N. Sivaram, T. Santha


Aviation is one of the critical modes of our national transportation system. As such it is essential that new technologies be continually developed to ensure that a safe mode of transportation becomes even safer in the future. Data analyses in aviation improve safety. Analyzed air crash details plays very important role to avoid further unforeseen accidents. Air crash details of data’s are classified based on the parameters like longitude, latitude and country, which helps to analyze the flight departing. After analyzing the data of flight details will be analyzed based on clustered classes using cart algorithm. The data pertains to accidents involving flights within database were analyzed against accident databases and the results were compared. Decision tree drawn  to get the analyzed data in increasing order ranked the findings by the factor support ratio, the result are displayed revise in text format.


aircraft, accident analysis, database, crew reports, Pilot, air traffic control, aviation safety, knowledge discovery


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