Providing Security for ATMs Using Digital Image Processing for Abnormal Incident Detection

G. Himaja, B. Rambabu, B.Malakonda Reddy


This paper is designed by using PIR (Passive Infrared Radial) sensor to provide high security in ATMs. The sensor is basically a pyroelectric device. When the PIR is exposed to infrared radiation, it generates an electric charge. This electric charge triggers the camera. Camera starts capturing video, and then this video is processed by DSP processor for abnormal incident detection (misbehavior with ATM system). Once it occurred, corresponding signal is sent to microcontroller. The microcontroller is programmed to send SMS through GSM & GPS module to the near police station, at this time door will automatically lock. Then the thief will be inside the ATM room.



DSP (digital signal processor), GSM & GPS, PIR Sensors


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