A Reliable Zigbee Communication Based Wireless Sensor Network Using Collision Avoidance Protocol For Gas Plant

Jyoti M. Giri, Prof. S.M. Kulkarni


This paper describes a reliable zigbee communication based wireless sensor network using Collision Avoidance Protocol (Master request &Slave Response). It mainly used for collecting & transferring the various monitoring information about Temperature, LPG Gas, LDR Light in gas plant.

The system consist of zigbee based network, 3 Sensors, PC Master, 2 Slaves. Since the whole area can not be covered by single Master Slave combination. The master sends request to the Slaves to which 3 sensors are attached, if the Slave id matches ,the Slave accept the request & send the parameter back to the master otherwise discard the frame .

Here the main PC Master terminal has VB S/W on it. The PC Master terminal is used to monitor the status of all Slaves which covers the whole area .it is fully automatic & robust system, fast & reliable. in this research our focus is on the issue of portability, reliability, flexibility, costs little to perchase & install, no real maintenance.


ARM Processor, Zigbee , Wireless Sensor Network , Temperature sensor, LDR, MQ-6 sensor etc.


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