Overview and Challenges of Different Image Morphing Algorithms

Md. Baharul Islam, Md. Tukhrejul Inam, Balaji Kaliyaperumal


Gradual transformation from one graphical object or image (source) to another graphical object or image (target) is called morphing. It is useful for creating special effects in animation. This technology is very popular in film and advertisement industries. The idea is distorting the first image into the second one and possible to vice versa. The middle image is a key point of this technology that is neither first image nor second image. If it looks good then probably the entire animated sequence will look good. Complete overview and all of the challenges of this technology is needed to all researchers to work with it. This paper describes an overview and challenges of almost all morphing algorithms that is used in computer animation. Cross-dissolving is one of the problems in morphing technology.


Animation, field morphing, image processing, mesh warping, transition control


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