A new Generation of Optical Filters Performance Response for Different Categories of Signal Filtering

Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed


Optical filters are a fundamental part of spectrometric measurements of ultraviolet (UV), visible and infrared (IR) radiation. In the present paper, optical filter is considered as a part of an optical system that has the purpose of modifying the intensity, polarization or, in particular, the spectral distribution of light. A beam of light enters through an aperture, is modified, and exits through one or more apertures. For reconfigurable filters a signal is applied to tune the filter’s properties or change between different configurations. Filters of some sort are essential to the operation of most electronic circuits. It is therefore in the interest of anyone involved in electronic circuit design to have the ability to develop filter circuits capable of meeting a given set of specifications. Optical filters are made from glass that absorbs specific wavelengths of the spectrum. They are relatively inexpensive and are very durable under most conditions. Frequency response, signal quality, bit error rates and filter gain in dB are the major interesting parameters for different categories of signal filtering under operation considerations. Capacitance values for filter circuits are estimated based on known corner wavelength for different optical transmission bands.


RC low pass filter, RC high pass filter, RLC low pass filter, RLC high pass filter, Filter gain, Signal quality, bit error rate and Frequency response.


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