Performance Comparison of Level Control with the Three, Five & Nine Fuzzy Rules based method

Ashok Kumar, Rajbir ., Kuldeepak .


: In the previous paper we have discussed about the water level control in the ‘Three Non- Interacting Tank System’ with help of the Intelligent Fuzzy Controller over the classical method, in which we noticed that the performance of Classical method was very poor, system was slow i.e. response was slow and less accurate than that of Fuzzy Control system[1]. This paper discusses about comparing the performance of Intelligent Fuzzy Control system based on Three, Five and Nine Fuzzy rules. In that either comparing response of a single or interacting tank system with three rule based method, which gives better response, more accuracy than classical method. On the other hand, five rule based method is more complex and more accurate but system becomes slow than three rule based, because as increase in rule base makes system bulky more and more, but accuracy increase. Thus, nine rule based method makes system too bulky due to which system becomes very slow as compared to five and three rule based method but this system is more accurate than others. This paper provides information about complexity of system, performance and accuracy with different rule bases. The system’s overall performance will be optimum but it requires more practice, skill or experience. So, out of Three, Five and Nine rule method, the five rule system shows optimum behaviour.


Interacting Pair tank, MATLAB/ Simulink diagram, Conventional Controller.


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