Smart Energy Management System Using WSN

Ashwini Burkul, Prof. S. S. Wagh, Supriya Bhosale


Wireless sensor networks are rapidly gaining popularity so as to cater to the requirements of different applications. This system unifies various home appliances, smart sensors and energy technologies. The smart energy market requires two types of ZigBee networks for device control and energy management. We use IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee to effectively deliver solutions for a energy management and efficiency for home automation. We present the design to evaluate the performance of the home automation users for a network-based smart home energy control. This paper designs smart home energy management descriptions and application environment. Current building control strategies are unable to incorporate occupant level comfort and meet the operation goals. In this, we present a building control strategy that optimizes the tradeoff between meeting user comfort and reduction in operation cost by reducing energy usage. We present an implementation of the proposed approach as an intelligent lighting control strategy that significantly reduces energy cost. Using this we can evaluate the network performance in smart homes.


Energy Management, Home Automation, Smart Home, ZigBee.


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