A 1- 4 GHz RF Receiver UWB Wireless System

Anu Aggarwal


a 2.4GHz CMOS low noise amplifier (LNA) and a Mixer have been designed in 0.13um CMOS process. LNA is single ended which provides good isolation between input and output stages used for ultra wide band applications and Mixer is differential which is easy to integrate at the output of LNA as it is the most challenging block of the front-end receiver. Active mixer topology has been used because of its superior gain and noise figure when compared to passive mixers. Both LNA and mixer have been fully integrated without off chip component and due to their specific architecture both can be used for Ultra Wide Band communication system. With a 1.2 V supply ,the LNA and Mixer achieve power gain of 15 dB and 20dB, Noise figure of .22dB and 14dB, input third order intercept point(IIP3) of -5.7dB dBm of LNA. The power dissipation is 7.2 mW and 8mw respectively. Simulation results for LNA and mixer show Gain, Noise figure and IIP3 for respective components.


cmos, mixer, low noise amplifier, radio frequency, radio frequency receiver, ultra wide band wireless.


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