WFMS Based Conceptual Model For Retailing Through Process Decomposition And AD-HOC Approach

Suchita ., Mandeep katre, Alka singhal


This paper is composed of work flow management system (wfms) with retailing. It concentrates on flexibility of wfms .To understand how a system would react with unseen situations. For every process there will be a positive and negative situation. Positive situation where it executes successfully and gives the expected result and also a negative situation where it does not fulfill the requirement. Here we work on flexibility of wfms that how it deals with negative situation. The paper fallows data driven approach. It can be done using process templates where each process having all knowledge about its sub - process. Here a process is automatically migrating from a running process to modified process definition. Our approach is workflow-centric because we view information regulated system with automated operation. It should integrate applications that are necessary to accomplish task.


Ad-hocwfms, ARIMA, Integration, Wfms, worklow .


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