Enhancing Datacenters with Eucalyptus Cloud

Annapurna ., K Venkateswara Chowdary, Dr.Y Sathyanarayana Murty


The main challenge of the datacenter is the utilization of resources efficiently and provide the service to the organizations. This can be achieved by building PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) cloud. Our idea is to empower the IT team to respond quickly to changing needs and to provide computing resources and servers when ever required. Private PaaS allows datacenter to retain control of security and performance characteristics while providing their developers with an agile environment for solution delivery. This paper discusses how PaaS closes the gap between design and the Implementation phases in SDLC. We have also decoupled the application and storage from application platform (Hardware, Operating System, Web Servers etc..,) where user’s data or applications are stored in volumes. The use of volumes adds advantage to PaaS. This paper discusses how in PaaS the responsibility of managing, and monitoring foundation layer is transferred from individual application developers to the PaaS platform, enabling to focus on building applications. We present a frame work for developing PaaS in cloud environment and various stages of environmental setup.


Cloud, EC2, Eucalyptus, IaaS, PaaS, Volumes


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