Microprocessor Smart Cards for Centralizing Fare Collection in Public Services

Yash S. Gandhi, Nikhil V. Divate, Keval V. Kava, Namita K. Gawande, Rupali V. Satpute, Vaishali Wadhe


In today’s world where public transit is the most commonly used and affordable means of transport. Dealing with it includes a lot of variables, especially at the time of payment. This problem is faced by almost every commuter in his/her daily routine. To address the problem, we propose centralizing fare collection system with the help of smart cards which will ease the unnecessary havoc created when asked to give exact fare amount for their journey. In this paper, a complete description on how our system will elevate the existing system with the help of RFID reader/writer module and integrate public services in terms of payment will be detailed. First, it does not require any advanced technology so it can be implemented as low-cost upgrade to the existing system. However, our system not only outperforms the current system in terms of accuracy but also proves to be a relieving point from passenger’s point of view when it comes to accessing and utilizing public transport and other public services to its fullest.


Accuracy, advanced technology, daily routine, low-cost upgrade, lot of variables, utilizing public transport.


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