A study on Intelligent Control for Smart Grid

Chandragupta Mauryan.K.S, Jayachitra. V, Nivedita. A, Parvathy.V. Menon


This paper gives us a better understanding of the intelligent control of Smart Grid and its potential advantages. Smart grids are the modern electric power grids for the enhancement of power system efficiency and reliability through automated control, high-power converters, sensing and metering technologies, modern communication infrastructure and modern energy management techniques based on the optimization of energy, demand, network availability and so on. Also the identification of faults and the control of fault current were studied. In this paper we have explored various failure protection mechanisms which improve the reliability of the Smart Grid as well as the security and privacy issues in the Smart Grid.


Smart Grid (SG), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Fault Current Controller (FCC), Intelligent electronic devices (IED), Power line communication (PLC)


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