Design and Development Model of Solar Grid Tied Photovoltaic Power Inverter for Nagpur

Chandrasen S Janjal, Dr. K. B. Khanchandani


Looking at the present scenario which conveys to the fact of severe crises in conventional energy sources thus keeping in mind the golden rule of ‘ENERGY SAVED IS ENERGY GENERATED’, The main goal in Design and development of solar grid tied photovoltaic (PV) power inverter tries to solve the above said problem. Our aim is to use renewable electrical energy sources like solar energy which help us to save energy of electricity board but will also help to save the countries conventional resources which are required for the generation of electrical energy coals, etc. This model is based on energy conditions instead of power conditions. There are shown the two main trends that are typically used in the design process and the calculation of the two main components of the system (generator and inverter). An example of the design for a system located in Nagpur-India is studied


Energy conditions, design- dimensioning, grid connected PV system.


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