Color Image Compression using Hybrid, Wavelet and Cosine Transform Algorithm with Lossless Coding using MATLAB

Bhawana ., Vijay kumar Singh


In this article we have examined a hybrid of wavelet functions transform with the DCT for development of an algorithm that be used in a still colored image compression system and to compare the advantages of this DCT-DWT transform to the normal DCT based compression. We have discussed the important features of the wavelet functions in compression of colored images, it also includes the extent to which the PSNR of image is changed by applying the procedure of compression and its decompression. Using peak signal-to-noise ratio or picture quality scale we have measured objectively the quality of images and subjectively perception according to human vision. The effects of DWT-DCT compression and decompression is checked for different types of image contents and compression ratios are calculated at various quantization factor. A comparison with a DCT-based compression is finally given in terms of compression ratio (CR) and PSNR. Our results provide a very good compression algorithm for application developments related to image compression.


Discrete cosine transforms, lossless coding, quantization effect, wavelet transforms, DWT-DCT compression.


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