Enhanced Memory and Routing Management in Wireless Sensor Network Using ETR

G. Devika, Dr.vS. Ravimaran


A packet not needs any routing table and route discovery operating cost to send a packet to the destination.The ZigBee tree routing has the primary drawback that a packet follows the tree topology.shortcut tree routing procedure that provides the near best routing path as well as maintains.The shortcut tree routing is to evaluate remaining hops from an chance source to the destination using the hierarchical addressing method in ZigBee.shortcut tree routing is totally circulated and compatible with ZigBee.It only utilizes addressing method and neighbor table with no any changes of the condition.ETR also uses links to other one-hop neighbors,if it is decided that this will lead to a shorter path. It is shown that such a decision can be made with minimum storage and computing cost by utilizing the address structure.


Shortcut tree routing,Zigbee tree routing,Enhanced tree routing.


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