A Framework for Mobile Web Mashup’s using Cloud Resources

D. V. Santosh Kumar, Anthoniraj Amalanathan


Mash up in the world of web can be described as a functionality that integrates two or more web services to create a new service. The service created is formed by different web services and hence can be termed as a hybrid web application. Cloud computing and mobile computing are the revolutionary fields and designing applications which make use of both cloud and mobile resources have high technological impact in the internet world. In this paper we brought forward a framework which is flexible to build mash up application which makes use of both cloud and mobile resources. The resultant service or application is deployed in any mobile ad hoc host which can be integrated into the mobile device and can be accessed through cloud network. The framework is flexible which incorporates different protocols both from the domains cloud network and mobile network. The designed framework is tested on different performance and compatibility metrics by assuming some rough sets of data. The proposed framework can be also be implemented in area of semantic web in the future research work.


Mash up; cloud computing; mobile computing; hybrid application; framework


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