Design of a RFID/NFC based Blackbox device for use in Automobiles

Arnob Dey, CH.Ashok Vishwanath, K. Bhargavi


In today’s modern age, people want quick and instantaneous access to information on-the-go at a click of a button. The NFC/RFID based ‘TrackTracer’ device aims to provide real-time information to the driver of the vehicle, on the various Points Of Interests (POIs) coming on the way (restaurants, hotels, gas filling stations, police stations, etc.) and displaying it on a screen. This can be implemented by installing the several NFC/RFID chip on the white line that passes through the road, which would in turn communicate with the car (also having a NFC/RFID chip installed) to extract the information on the various POIs. This solution also aims to assists drivers during heavy showers, by automatically reducing speeds and coming to a halt when nearing a traffic signal or a railway crossing. In case of an accident, the NFC can be used as a black box device, generating the track record of the car, its place of origination, its last recorded speed, whether any malfunction took place during the course of its journey, and whether any car was in the opposite end, thereby assisting the investigators to find out the possible reasons for the accident taking place.




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