A Framework for Heterogeneous Component Composition with Automatic Instantiation Environment: A Survey Paper

Mohan Banerjee, Roopali Soni


Rapid advancements in Component based software Engineering has resulted in large number of component models (.NET, EJB, COM etc.) available. As a consequence of this advancement the number of reusable and ready to use components has grown as well.  But this growth limits the reuse because the user writing an application in one component model is limited to use the components developed in the same model. Many components are being written; on the other hand many frameworks are also being developed. But there are compatibility issues among the frameworks and components. This fact motivates for such a framework where applications can be composed using diverse ready to use components written in different component model. In this paper presents a brief framework. In the future paper we will proposed a framework that allows diverse components to be added in a single application. It will provide an access mechanism where the framework does not need to know the interface of the component and it will allow the reuser to extend it without understanding the design or implementation details.


Component Based Software Engineering, Component Composition, Heterogeneous Component Framework, Framework Instantiation.


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