A new method of face recognition based on integrating the results of different artificial neural networks

Mortaza Zolfpour- Arokhlo, Mohammadnabi Omidvar, Marzieh Omidvar, Mohsen Moradi


Face recognition is one of the most hot and challengeable technologies, which is based on biometrics, and also one of the most potential technologies[13]. As the most natural and friendly identification method, automatic face recognition has become the important part of the next generation computing technology[15]. This paper present a new method of face recognition based on integrating the results of three different neural networks. this method is not relying on the positions of eyes and lip and even if the face is partially covered, the method appears fault tolerant. we learned that by the help of other face specifications, it could be recognized by an acceptable percentage. All the experiments of the study were carried out based on the ORL (Olivetti Research Laboratory) database. For the selected numbers of 20, 30, and 40 subjects, we came to the results of 87%, 85%, and 83.25% respectively and with time delay of 0.0886 sec per image.


Face recognition, neural network, back propagation algorithm


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