Effect of Network Attacks On AODV Routing Protocol- A Review

Vaibhav Suhane, Mahesh Gour, Sadhna K. Mishra


Ad hoc network is a temporary network. This has no fixed topology and infrastructure. MANETs, SANET and VANET are the types of Adhoc network. These day MANETs are gaining most popularity and everywhere MANETs is used because it has many advantages as well as some problems available. In MANET many types of attack by malicious nodes and that nodes dispute the performance of the network. Black hole attack, wormhole attack and Dos attack etc are the example of network attacks in MANET. AODV is a reactive routing protocol. In this protocol malicious nodes can easily introduce and easily dispute the performance of the network. So a new protocol can be develop .this protocol defects all types of network attacks and prevent the network form the attacks and give the better performance compare the other protocol.




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