Detection and Prevention of Network from Networks Attacks using EAODV

Vaibhav Suhane, Mahesh Gour, Sadhna K Mishra


The mobile ad hoc network (MANET) which has no centralized administration and no fix topology without infrastructure. In MANET nodes are communicated with own mutual trust. In MANET there are three types of protocol. these are Reactive, proactive and hybrid protocol .in MANET there are many network attacks like black hole, wormhole, Dos Attack etc. They dispute the network performance. Security is prime concern in MANET. In this paper we proposed new protocol EAODV.which is an enhanced AODV. Which will detect and prevent the network from wormhole, Black hole , DOS ,Man in middle, Eavesdropping and data modification. The performance of the EAODV protocol is compared with the existing AODV routing protocol with variation in Pause time and Node speed. Simulation is done in QualNet 5.0. simulator. The performances matrices are throughput, End to End delay and total packet loss.


AODV,QualNet5.0, Mobile Ad hoc Network


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