Now a day we are facing the increase in the quantity of digital photos in the web further more numerous web sites hosting various images of individuals & groups, as an illustration we can point to the most popular ones like Flickr™ & the FaceBook™. But the drawback we are encountering is annotation of those photos which is done based on visual features of the issue. In this article we are proposing a new approach to use the existing images in Photo sharing & social networking web sites originated from human annotation which makes us capable of searching family member’s pictures in the most possible efficient trend. The offered algorithm is based on the familial ties which make it possible to access distant members of an individual’s family via his/her close relatives regarding the fact that the applicant must run his /her search through the cannel of close family members. Our empirical evaluation highlighted the fact that this approach can be considered as another step forward to help people in their search for their beloved ones.


Semantic annotation, multimedia, personal image, social network, folksonomy


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