Ensuring Data Storage Security and Fuzzy Keyword Searching over an Encrypted Data

Neha Rale


Cloud Computing technology is blooming the IT industry. Ensuring security in it becomes a challenging task. Cloud environments face many of the same threats as traditional corporate networks, but due to the vast amount of data stored on cloud servers, providers become an attractive target. Multifactor authentication systems such as one-time passwords, phone-based authentication, the smartcards protect cloud services because they make it harder for attackers to log into the systems. This paper will help those companies to share their data as well as their resources keeping in mind the security issues for data and resources. It implements an idea about proposing a new paradigm Data protection as a service. In this paper, we study the problem of data storage security in cloud computing. A novel encryption and decryption scheme using secret key is proposed. The obvious advantage of our scheme is the cloud service provider can offer the functions which were provided by the traditional data owners and make it trustful. So it indeed reduces the constitution's complexity in Cloud Computing. Also provides alerts if anything appears to be unauthentic.Although traditional searchable encryption schemes allow a user to securely search over encrypted data through keywords and selectively retrieve files of interest, these techniques support only exact keyword search. In this paper, it formalizes and solve the problem of effective fuzzy keyword search over encrypted cloud data while maintaining keyword privacy. In this solution, it exploits edit distance to quantify keywords similarity and develop an advanced technique on constructing fuzzy keyword sets, which greatly reduces the storage and representation overheads. Through rigorous security analysis, it shows that proposed solution is secure and privacy-preserving, while correctly realizing the goal of fuzzy keyword search.


Cloud Computing, Decryption, Data Protection, Encryption, Fuzzylogic, Security


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