Comparative Study of Developing Interactive Multimedia Applications using Adobe Flash and HTML/CSS

Ms. T. Sheeba, Ms. S. Hameetha Begum


Interactive multimedia applications deal with computer delivered electronic system that deliver different types of content such as text, images, audio, video, animation, etc. in an interactive way.  This paper deals with different streams of developing interactive multimedia applications using two different software platforms, Adobe Flash CS5 and HTML5 with CSS. The paper describes the developing platforms, comparisons and its implementation in the title Oman Tourism. The developed application in two different platforms are evaluated with a set of 35 students based on four performance criteria in order to know the students’ response on the usage of media. Finally, the experimental result indicates that the students are comfortable with the usage of Adobe Flash CS5 compared to HTML with CSS.


Interactive multimedia, Software Platform; Adobe Flash CS5; HTML5;CSS


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