A Study On Computerization of Medical Record At A Corporate Hospital

Syed Murtuza Hussain Bakshi, Dr.Sesham Mayuri Raj


Despite the growth of health information technology the medical encounters are still documented on paper based medical record .Most paper based medical records which are used today may pertain disorganization, illegibility and inaccurate entries. The medical record is an important tool supporting quality in clinical care; it is today used by personnel trained in different healthcare disciplines, working in different healthcare settings, on different sites and in different languages. There are common factors that impede the adoption of electronic medical record which include start-up costs, initial weeks of using a new system, Systems complexities and other hindering factors. The purpose of the study is to identify the process involved in computerization of medical records, examine the potential benefits of computerized medical record and its contribution for improving health care delivery. The study also focuses on details about hardware, operational procedure and other important facts pertaining to computerization of medical records.


: Medical record, Information Technology, Computers Technology


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