Performance Evaluation of Digital Modulation Techniques in a WCDMA-based Radio-over-Fiber Communication System

Amanjot Kaur, Jasbir Singh


The demand of mobile communications in the modern world is increasing day by day and subscribers for the mobile communication technologies are growing rapidly. The data transfer rate should be maximum for uninterruptable communication .Therefore, the Radio over fiber system along with wireless communication, is used for the high speed data transfer. This combination will increase the capacity for the cellular base stations to change dynamically and meet the traffic requirements. To better understand the M-ary PSK system, a Simulink-based simulation system is designed for M-ary PSK for M=64 using communication toolbox in Simulink. In this paper we propose the suitability of 64 PSK Digital Modulation Technique for transmission and the results are analyzed on the basis of BER, scatter plot and eye diagram like performance measures.


Digital Modulation Techniques,Eye Diagram, Scatter Plot and 64 psk using rof.


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