An Analysis on Buffer Sizing in Routers and Investigating its Impact on Network Parameters

Neetha K. Nataraj, Dr.S. Karthik


The need for buffering is very important for packet switching networks. Buffers in routers absorb the transient bursts that occur naturally in such networks. It reduces the frequency of packet loss and even they can avoid under-utilization when TCP connections back off due to packet drops. After several years of research with packet switching networks, it is surprising that we still do not know how to dimension the buffer of a router interface. At the same time the issue of buffer sizing has become important in practice. Recently there have been many interesting debates regarding the sizing of router buffers. From all the previous work we can say that the buffer size on the routers depends on several network parameters such as number of flows, output/input capacity ratios, speed, window size etc i.e. it is difficult to arrive at a simple formula for sizing router buffer. This article describes the impact of these networks parameters on buffer sizing in routers.


Buffer sizing, Core routers, Internet routers, link utilization, TCP.


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