Biogeography Based Steganography for Color Images

Er. Rishma, Er.Lakhvir Singh, Er.Krishma Bhuchar


Steganography is an art that involves communication of secret data in an appropriate carrier, e.g., image, audio, video or TCP/IP header file. Steganography’s goal is to hide the existence of embedded data so as not to arouse an eavesdropper’s suspicion. For hiding secret data in digital images, large varieties of steganographic techniques are available, some are more complex than others, and all of them have their respective pros and cons. This paper intends to give thorough understanding and evolution of biogeography based optimization technique for data hiding. It covers and integrates recent research work without going in to much detail of steganalysis, which is the art and science of defeating steganography. In addition, our proposed method computes performance evaluation in terms of computational time of 21.2 seconds as compared to other evolutionary algorithm. It has good optimization performance due to its migration operator. Therefore, Biogeography Based technique is more reliable and faster for Image Steganography.


Biogeography, Image segmentation, RGB (Red, Green and Blue) model, Steganography, Computational time.


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