Advanced Greenhouse Using Hybrid Wireless Technologies

S.U. Zagade, Dr. R.S. Kawitkar


In order to reduce effect of climate & increase crop production we have to monitor various environmental parameters which affect the crop development This paper consists of design & implementation of a WSN that combines to different wireless technologies. System is used to monitor the air temperature & humidity in greenhouse. Monitoring & control of greenhouse environment play an important role in greenhouse production & management. This can help farmers to understand the environmental conditions & they can adopt different methods to increase the production in greenhouse. ZigBee offers wireless connectivity of the sensors with control panel while GSM provides wide coverage. All monitored parameters are transmitted through a wireless link to cellular device for analysis. A cell phone is used instead of computer terminal keeping mind that system will be used by farmers & considering power management.


humidity, short message service, temperature, Wireless sensor network (WSN), ZigBee.


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