Consistency Maintenance Of Continuous Queries In Unstructured Overlay Networks

Annie Chacko, M.Sadish Sendil, DR. S Karthik


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems offer an alternative to client-server systems. The main objectives of the P2P content distribution systems are to register for a long term presence in a network and to publish its own data to that network. These requirements can be done by having some set of indexing and routing techniques. For this solution, a sequence of approaches has been already proposed by the existing researches. Researchers proposed unstructured overlay–based publish subscribe system that offer the above objectives. But these approaches are not flexible for these systems and too complex.In order to solve this problem of flexibility and complexity proposing, an approach of CoQUOS with consistency maintenance. The CoQUOS approach is to support the continuous queries in unstructured overlay networks. This approach characterized by 5 novel techniques , namely cluster resilient random walk algorithm, dynamic probability-based query registration scheme, develop efficient schemes for providing resilience to the churn of the P2P network, fair distribution of the notification load among the peers and finally consistency maintenance mechanism. It achieves high efficiency in consistency maintenance at a significantly low cost.


Peer-to-peer networks,continuous queries, publish-subscribe systems, random walks, consistency maintenance mechanism.


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