Vol 3, No 1 (2014)


Table of Contents


An Exhaustive Analysis On Various Foggy Image Enhancement Techniques PDF
Ashish Saxena, Rajeev Saxena, Yogadhar Pandey pp:11-17
Secure Optical Communications Utilizing with Digital Encryption Improvement by Optical Encryption Technique PDF
Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, Abd El-Naser Mohamed, Ahmad M. Elshamy pp:18-23
Survey of Content Based Recommendation Systems in a nutshell PDF
Munnezzah Khan, Sreeja Nair pp:24-30
R.Gopi Krishna, A. Pravin, V. Dhanaraj, BVV SatyaNarayana pp:31-34
Reduction Of Interference Using Multicode Approach In UWB Design PDF
Mr.Bipeen B. Patil, Biru S. Bhanavase, Prof. Mrs. Shital Mali pp:35-38
Study of VMC, CMC and SM Control of Buck Converter PDF
Mahesh Gowda N M, Dr. S. S. Parthasarathy pp:39-44
Automatic Speech Recognition: A Survey PDF
Rajan Mehla, Mamta ., R.K. Aggarwal pp:45-53
Mutual Coupling between Wire Scatterers Using Two Term Approximation PDF
Vaibhav S Yavalkar, S S Kakatkar, K P Ray, Chandan Singh D Rawat pp:54-57
Pattern Classification on OpenCL Accelerated ANN Using Graphics Card PDF
Devendra Singh Bharangar, Konark Sharma, Abhishek Kumar Gaur pp:58-63
WFMS Based Conceptual Model For Retailing Through Process Decomposition And AD-HOC Approach PDF
Suchita ., Mandeep katre, Alka singhal pp:64-68
Scalability in vertical handoff for heterogeneous wireless network PDF
G G Chitkote, D M Bhalerao pp:69-75
An Efficient Segmentation Model for Collection of Images PDF
S. Vijayalakshmi, D. SUDHA, T. Yamuna, G. Tamizharuvi pp:76-82
Multimode Network Based Scalable Learning of Collective Behavior PDF
Ms. Prachi Sharma, Dr. Pooja Tripathi pp:83-87


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